Ghost of Saint Aubin

Ghost of Saint Aubin from al profit on Vimeo.

Based on True Events…  read about them on Kindle

In 1801 the Saint Aubin family fled the island of Haiti, their slave plantation in flames. They soon arrived in the frontier city of Detroit and began to farm a strip of land that would come to be known as Saint Aubin street as time passed. A street haunted with the ghosts of time.

In modern Detroit, 3 men move through the city in search of different goals. The gangster searches for his lost girlfriend, Nicole Saint Aubin. The architect is looking to fulfill his dream of building a modern development on the ruins of old Saint Aubin street. The reporter is looking for answers about old murders and a kidnapped baby with its mother…who just may be Nicole Saint Aubin.


I wrote, directed, and starred in my first movie, the “Ghost of Saint Aubin”  with the help of a great team, we shot the film in the depths of a Michigan winter for about $15k.  The story is pretty complicated, but if you pay attention, it will all be clear at the end.